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From: Bill Barrett (
Date: 02/28/02

Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:46:52 -0700
From: "Bill Barrett" <> writes:
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>From: Erik Tayler []
>> And I concur with Bill about people referencing others
>> to Google (or other engines for that matter). It hardly
>> demonstrates that you are trying to help someone.
>Actually I would have to disagree. If you teach a man to fish, he can
>himself. It's one thing to help others, it's a complete different thing
>do their research for them. Care to write a term paper for me this
>j/k. ;)
Ah yes. Nothing like a spurious comparison to sum up ones point.

        Look everyone has to start out some where. Those of us that have been in
the field for a while had a much better time of it than somebody who is
just starting out today. When someone asks the question of "does anybody
know a good (inset query here)" chances are they a) are new or
inexperienced b) have already looked at Google or some other source and c)
been overwhelmed at the incredibly large number of hits. What they are
asking is for us to point them in the right direction and help them
separate the wheat from the chaff.
        As we all know there are lots of "security" sites out there that give
absolutely no information or even worse will give information that is
misleading or just plain wrong. Do you really want people that are
interested in security learning from GRC?
        I am not saying that you need to do somebodies work for them, but it
takes the same amount of time to type in the address of counterpane labs
( as the one for Google and at least
you are giving some information to point them in the right direction.
They can take it from there themselves.
        If you want to keep all your precious links to yourself then fine do
that. But don't waste the bandwidth to point out the obvious.

In other words if you have nothing to contribute then don't. And the next
person who whines about the lack of knowledge of people getting into the
field and then posts a link to Google should be LARTed. big time.


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