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From: McGee, James (
Date: 02/20/02

From: "McGee, James" <>
To: 'Rob Weiss' <RWeiss@APPLEVAC.COM>, "Focus-MS (" <>, "Security-Basics (" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:05:03 -0000

I guess you have a router?
Not very tidy, but you could:
Setup ACL lists to block access to the IP addresses of the domains you want
to restrict access to...

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> Sent: Monday February 2002 16:40
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> Subject: Internet Explorer 5.x/6
> I am looking for a way to restrict access to sites for some of my clients
> without using a proxy/firewall solution.
> Is there a way to restrict Internet Explorer to a predefined list of hosts
> or create a custom list of approved sites with a deny all at the end?
> Thanks!
> Rob Weiss

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