From: Erik Tayler (
Date: 02/05/02

Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 16:53:41 -0500 (EST)
From: Erik Tayler <>
To: "d'Ambly, Jeff" <>

try using msgsnarf, it comes with in the dsniff tarball i believe.
it doesn't just log aim conversations, but the following:

       msgsnarf records selected messages from AOL Instant Mes
       senger, ICQ 2000, IRC, MSN Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger
       chat sessions.

a plus is the ability to utilize regex, and tcpdump filters.

- erik

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, d'Ambly, Jeff wrote:

> My boss asked me the other day if we could log AOL instant messenger
> conversations, I know of course this can be done with any sniffer but I was
> wondering if there was a quick and easy way to do this. I was thinking
> perhaps I could use snort, but how could I reassemble the conversations? I
> would not like to spend all my time gathering and sorting all this info. Has
> any one tried this before and if so how well did it work?