Re: port 12345 windows95/nt

From: Reece Arnott (
Date: 02/05/02

Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 14:55:19 +1300
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From: Reece Arnott <>

At 4/02/02 16:18 +0000, you wrote:
>Sorry for the very basic question.
>Using superscan I found this port open on my computer. How can I close it?
>I use sygate personal firewall but it looks like I do not have options to
>shut down ports, I can only act on protocols.
According to this port is used
by the Italk Chat System. Some trojans also use this port as their default
communications port also.

For this port to be open through the firewall, the application involved
needs to have been access through the firewall (unless its in allow
everything mode).
With the sygate firewall that I've used the only way to block this port is
to block the relevant application.

First look at the list of all applications that have been attempted to go
through the firewall, (Tools/Applications or click the Applications button
in the main window).

Look at the ones that are not blocked (i.e. they are set to 'ask' or
'allow') and block the application (by clicking on the tick or question mark).

This is for the version I've used which is 4.0 Build 670 so YMMV.
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