about a syslog server

From: outohere00@yahoo.com
Date: 01/31/02

Date: 31 Jan 2002 20:53:05 -0000
From: <outohere00@yahoo.com>
To: security-basics@securityfocus.com

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Hello all. I am researching the creation of a syslog
server on a WinNT or Win2k platform. My goal is to
enable 24/7 logging of 25+ Cisco routers (no
servers). There is a mix of Internet and Intranet
routers involved. I have 3 questions about this. First,
is there a solid 3rd party syslog program that anyone
can recommend for this? Second, is it true that by
choosing to log level 4 (warning) issues that I will also
automatically log levels 0 thru 3? Finally, is there a
any documented baseline rule for determining how
much disk space usage I can expect to accumulate
per day? I have to find out what size drive I would
need. This last question has been a tough one; I
haven't been able to locate any documented formula
for this. Thanks in advance for your help.