RE: Remote PC Management via LAN/WAN

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Date: 01/19/02

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 18:48:17 -0600 (CST)
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Assuming you mean Windows boxen...

VNC is cheap and easy. Better to tunnel it through SSH. Putting an SSH
server on the remote boxes (with proper ACLs) will allow you both command
line and GUI access through SSH. There's a doc on the UK VNC site that
describes tunneling it through SSH. Also, you can add compression to the
tunneled traffic, thereby giving you a *bit* better performance on the

One takes risks using 31337 t40j4n w4r3z. In a production environment?
Well, do what you will; but I wouldn't trust that software. Heck, even
the legitimate remote access software have security problems.

Unless you have access to the source, and the talent to properly review it for
malicious code, you're taking your chances.


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> Hello Fellow Subscribers,
> The Question I have is: What is your opinion on useing a Trojan like
> SubSeven to manage your network or even any other Remote Management
> type of
> Program? And if you were how would you go about and testing the Prog
> for
> Backdoors. And also could you suggest any remote management Software
> that
> you have found useful and free is the key word here.
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