From: Mark L. Jackson (
Date: 01/10/02

From: "Mark L. Jackson" <>
To: "irado furioso com tudo" <>, "Hornat, Charles" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 22:51:04 -0800

> just my opinion:
> a) there are lots more apaches than IIS

More Sioux than Apaches also. (j/k)

Apache has been around longer and resides on systems that
are geek friendly. considering the number of installations,
the time it has been around, and that Apache is on systems
that geeks love; does it not disturb you that there are
still bugs? Especially considering how the open source folks
hold themselves in such high esteem.

> b) statistics is the art to lie.. (forgot the author)

"There are three types of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics"
Mark Twain

> c) it is easier to harden a open system than a proprietary.


> c-1) And I donot know any other way to harden a IIS than obscure
> patches.. which closes a lot of holes just opening new ones.

so because you can not do it, means it is not possible? Have you
been to the moon? Is that not possible either?

Until recently Apache was the number one target. Easy enough to
figure why. There was more of them. I remember when the Netscape's
server was being ridiculed daily, not that long ago I might add.

Any new product will have bugs. That is a fact of life. Does MS
software have more, maybe. The early versions of Apache, Netscape,
AOL, TCP/IP, SSH etc... had their share of problems also. Sadly most
people only see what makes their arguments look good. Since you
sign with a comment about your O/S, it is obvious what side you
are on.

I seem to remember *nix and open source being laughed at when the
Morris worm was roaming around. Short memories on this list.

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