Re: Win2K and Lview.exe -- am I infected?

From: Ryan Hilton (
Date: 12/15/01

From: Ryan Hilton <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 17:41:37 -0800

I have seen this problem as well on Windows 2000 running LView, it does not
appear that LView, or the version I was running, will work on Win2k. This
was tested on 2 seperate machines with similar configurations as far as
software, one was an 866 and the other was a 1.0 Ghz both with 256 Megs of
RAM and Win2k Professional.

Hope this helps,

On Monday 10 December 2001 10:03 am, H Carvey wrote:
> In-Reply-To: <>
> >Any idea if I have been infected with something
> and what I can do about it?
> You have not provided any information to suggest
> that you're infected with anything. You can use
> Task Manager to identify which processes are
> eating up your CPU cycles and memory.
> Have you tried running a virus scanner?
> Do you have any other information which might
> suggest that you've been infected with something?

                                       Ryan Hilton
                       "No answer is also an answer"

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