RE: List of dos apps? (was svchost.exe)

From: Francois Pepin (
Date: 12/03/01

From: "Francois Pepin" <>
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Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 23:36:05 -0500

For XP (pro): If you know what you're doing, look at the executables
into windows/system32. That's where they mostly are (not sure if others
are scattered all around though). I don't know if it's reasonable to
expect that it has everything W2k has (see below) factoring the
modifications they made there (which can be accessed in the help files).
Couldn't find a list of all commands in the help file.

For W2K: Go into the help files in the reference, they're all there with
explanations of what they do.


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Hi. I am sorry if I didn't make myself clearer. Sysinternals is a
great site. My question was does anyone have a list of the dos apps
that come installed by default with xp (eg netstat, tasklist, arp, ping,
traceroute, etc).

That is what I meant. I am sorry for not making myself clearer the
first time. I am looking for a list of dos apps that are installed by
default on win xp (win 2k would be nice also)

I checked M$ site and google and did not find anything. I am hoping
someone on the list has a link or .txt for me.

Cheers and hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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A good source of tools is :)

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Subject: List of dos apps? (was svchost.exe)

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> Anyone have a list or a link to the complete dos tools that are
> installed by default with XP?
> Thx
> Leon
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> >> To see what process this is hosting, do a "tlist" on the process
> >> id
> >
> >XP does not have tlist.
> Yes it does. MS is constantly renaming utilities, tlist in xp is
> tasklist and
> it's installed by default, which is a nice change.
> This is an old link to Default Processes in Windows 2000 that you may
> also find useful. I don't think MS has released a similar kb article
> for xp yet.
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