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Date: 12/03/01

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What you are asking is basic.Get a SSL cert, load on your Server, enable
service 443 on your IIS and you should be in business.This could cost you
arounf $200

If you dont have any server side SSL and still want to give users a 443
connect, you could use:-
-a SSL acceleration device ( e.g Alteons ISD/Rainbow card. etc ).This would
cost you around $20K

I am not sure if you can use a test cert from ssh/verisign/thawte and put it
on a production server. I use the test certs all the time and it works
without issues in my lab. I am a total lab guy and not sure if it is legal
to use the test certs in production machines.

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Hello fellow Subscribers,

We have a user who wants to do connect via FTP to our IIS 4.0 server with
automated scripts useing SSL. We don't have any type of server side SSL of
any kind. What would you suggest to do in this situation. And is it possible
to setup just that one account and not all of the other accounts.


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