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Date: 11/24/01

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Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 02:45:48 -0500

We provide linux based firewalls at roughly $2k per install. This
would include hardware, software, setup, etc.... complete with IPSEC VPN
software, and SNORT IDS. Now, management is usually roughly 5-10 hours
per month depending upon the rate of vunerability releases and bug

$15k for three pix firewalls sounds about right, fully deployed.

If we were to offer you a pix solution, you'd get a similar quote from
us. But I point out the linux solution because you can get 90% of the
functionality for about 10% of the cost if you do it yourself. Also, this
should help to illustrate how wide the selection is of firewall products
out there. If $15k is too much, hunt around for a solution that's closer
to your budget. It can certainly be done cheaper, but evaluate the
functionality and performance of each option.

We like linux firewalls for customers that are unwilling to pay for
checkpoint, pix or other higher-end solutions.

If it's too much, look around, you'll find something. For pix though,
the quote you have sounds about right.

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Subject: Firewall Costs

Hello everybody,
our IT provider offered us a FW solution to separate three industrial
production subnetworks from an
LAN used by the office personal. There is the necessity to have some
data exchange between a couple of
NT machines on the different networks. The offer was a CISCO PIX 515-UR.
They want to have almost 15.000 US$
plus about 11 persondays every year for maintaining the FW. Sounds quite
high to me. What are your experiences?


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