Re: Differences between closed and filtered ports

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Date: 11/19/01

From: "simon chan" <>
Subject: Re: Differences between closed and filtered ports
To: "Golden_Eternity" <>, "Bandi" <>, <SECURITY-BASICS@SECURITYFOCUS.COM>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:35:38 +0800
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> > I recently thought about the following. If a port is
> closed the host
> > refuses the connection. What does the host exactly
> response?
> It sends a reset.

Correct if I'm wrong, but the host would respond with FIN,

Client sync--> host
client <--sync,ack host
cllent ack---> host

(if host port is closed )

client <---fin,ack host
client ack---> host
client rst---> host

> > Is it necessary that the host responses on a closed
> port (couldn't that be
> > managed in some way with timeouts)?
> If the host is alive it sends back a reset so that you
> don't have to wait
> for the timeout, otherwise the application would be
> stalled waiting for the
> timeout.
> > Could you suggest a way to make ipchains act like a
> port was closed when
> > filtering it, so that a portscanner from certain
> machines wouldn't notice
> > the firewall?
> Use '-j REJECT' instead of '-j DROP'.
> For more info on this subject you can see my paper
> "Firewall rule exposure
> on ACK based filters" (
> but
> your best bet is one of Fyodor's papers on how nmap
> ( works.
> -G_E

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