506 pix firewall -VPN- Watchguard firebox II

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Date: 11/16/01

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Subject: 506 pix firewall  -VPN- Watchguard firebox II
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 00:00:20 -0800


Any help appreciated.
Trying to setup a Cisco Pix 506 firewall for the first time.
This is my first attempt to setup one of these and need some
guidance. It currently has Pix v 6.1 loaded up and I have
Pix device manager 1.1. The pix is going to be located at
one of our small branch offices and I also want to setup a
VPN tunnel from this to a 3rd party firewall which is located
at our main office. The pix will have a small number of
users who will browse the internet straight from the remote
office via a 2mb link. From this office I need to setup the
VPN so it allows all traffic both ways across the vpn to our
main office. I want to use des3 encryption and md5-hmac for
authentication. If anyone has had experience in setting one
of these up before and think they might have some pointers
pls mail. Thank you for your time.

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