Re: Format HardDisk Program !!!!!!!!

From: Michael Zimmermann (
Date: 11/15/01

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 23:33:19 +0100
From: Michael Zimmermann <>
Subject: Re: Format HardDisk Program !!!!!!!!

_]{ILLER_ wrote:

> as a superuser in unix work...
> forget about this binaries and try
> cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda
> where hda is the drive you want to wipe out...

Hhhm. If you have extremely sensitive data, that
might not be good enough. In that case you need
to overwrite the disk media with different patterns
like 0xFF then 0x52 then 0x25 then 0x00 _several_
times. Otherwise the original contents might be
partially recoverable with special hardware (like
a digital scope attached to the read amplifier
just before its output is digitized - perhaps together
with slightly offset heads).

Just overwriting the data once is only good enough
for _normal_ disk drives.

But probaly for very sensitive data you would never
let anybody get the drive anyway.


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