RE: Secure desktop idea?

Date: 11/01/01

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Subject: RE: Secure desktop idea?
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 11:04:43 -0500 

Well, without having a default route to get information like: "Where do I
send packet X?"
where are you going to get your routing tables from? You HAVE to have some
kind of default resource to determine where you are going to route packets

Miles Stevenson
QuickHire Network Support Specialist

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Subject: Secure desktop idea?

A thought just occurred to me... desktop systems (and even some servers)
could be almost completely secure if there was a way to dynamically
allocate and de-allocate routes. If your system has no default route,
it ought to be safe from any TCP-based attack. If routes to remote
networks could be dynamically added as needed, and then removed, it
seems that it would be virtually impossible for an outsider to even see
that the host exists, let alone be able to root it.

Ideas? Am I just way off the deep end here? :-)

John Oliver
System Administrator, an Allegiance Telecom company
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