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Date: 11/01/01

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Subject: RE: Win2k - Multiple internet sources info
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 11:53:54 -0500 

is there any documentation on routing statements? Are you just saying use the "route" command to add different routes? I did some searching and saw that microsoft offers a tool (QoS), but I was wondering what kind of software solutions could allow me to do that...



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i think that you will have problems splitting up ports like you want to... i
could see it causing problems especially if software initiates or accepts
connections on multiple ports that traverse your 1024 port boundary.

the direction of specific ports and/or ip addresses is much simpler (and in
my opinion, makes more sense). you would simply use routing statements to
designate the proper interface to exit or return on.

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Subject: FW: Win2k - Multiple internet sources info

Hi all....

I am looking at adding another source to the internet to my small home
network. The OS is Win2k Server (latest patches, etc) Both sources will
have separate NICs & ip addresses. I would like to direct all traffic below
port 1024 to one source and all other traffic to the other source. Also, I
would like to direct specific ports and/or specific destination ip addresses
to one of the specific internet sources coming into the computer. I would
like to hear what options I have available to do this and if anyone has done
this, any problems, recommendations, or things I should know before doing