Re: Zonealarm Question

From: apf27 (
Date: 10/19/01

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 00:48:50 +0800
From: apf27 <>
Subject: Re: Zonealarm Question
To: "P. O'Malley" <>,
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can u try NOT giving MSWord access to Internet? After all, it doesn't
really need it, does it?
I think the hyperlink to the .doc document will still open correctly.

At 01:15 AM 2001-10-18, P. O'Malley wrote:
>Ok I hope that this doesn't turn into a ZoneAlarm sucks use BlackIce or a
>You shouldnt use Outlook debate... This is just a question that I was
>wondering if anyone had thought about or run into.
>Here is the scenario:
>I have ZoneAlarm Pro Loaded
>I am using Outlook 2000 as my mail client
>I have MS Word 2000 set as my default email editor
>I receive an email with a hyperlink
>I click on the hyperlink, ZoneAlarm Pro prompts me to let MS Word access
>the Internet
>I click yes and remember this answer
>Latter I receive a document as an attachment that is infected with a macro
>virus mass-mailer (for sake of this question lets assume that the virus is
>new and my anti-virus definitions will not catch it)
>Since I have already told ZoneAlarm to always allow MS Word to access the
>Internet will it allow the virus to access the Internet and send out
>multiple copies of it self?
>Thanks In Advance
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