RE: Trust relationships over a WAN

From: Michael R. White (
Date: 10/17/01

From: "Michael R. White" <>
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Subject: RE: Trust relationships over a WAN
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:32:48 -0500
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I have a problem that I am really struggling to solve.... Hopefully some
else has encountered it before and can guide me in the right direction. I
have an NT 4 network with al my servers having service pack 6 installed. The
WAN is connected by ISDN.

My problem is that I have a stand alone from which shares can only be
accessed over the LAN not the WAN. TCP/IP connections are not a problem and
shares can be accessed on domain controlled computers. Trust relationships
are in place between both domains.

Kind Regards,

Mark Thompson


At first glance, I'd say you can resolve this with WINS or Lmhosts, but I
need more information.

1. Can you ping the machine across the WAN by IP? by computer(NETBIOS) name?
by FQDN (Host) name?


Michael White