RE: Remote logging on NT/2000-boxes

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Date: 10/02/01

From: "Don Weber" <>
To: "Allan Jensen" <>, <>
Subject: RE: Remote logging on NT/2000-boxes
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 11:13:11 -0700
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this is the only thing i've found so far for windows, if you find anything
else let me know i'd like other options myself. not sure if you can use this
to report to unix tho

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Subject: Remote logging on NT/2000-boxes


I'm running a net with mixed Linux, WinNT4 and Win2K-servers.
To ensure that logging is not spread out on a bunch of locations (read:
target servers) I do remote logging on the Linux-boxes via syslogd. Gives
me a nice, centralized place where I can see what's going on.

But I'd like to do the same with the NT/2K-servers; only question is - how
can I do such a thing? Is it possible to make the NT/2K-servers log to a
UNIX syslog-server? And if yes, which product(s)? And if no, how else?

I appreciate any and all suggestions - thanks in advance :o)

Best regards,
-Allan Jensen