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Date: 10/01/01

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Subject: RE: Hardware Firewall vs Software Firewall
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 12:01:26 -0700

I agree wholeheartedly with Phil's opinion, but would add one note. The
only case in my opinion which justifies the speed over security is
very-high bandwidth applications, such as a certain place I know that
contains 36,000 nodes behind its firewalls. Still, you must weigh the
need for security against the need for speed, and security should
*always* win.


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My personal opinion is not hardware vs software, but what firewall is
most secure. You can talk about PIX, CheckPoint, Linux with IPtables,
IPchains and IPfilters but from a security point of view a pure
application proxy is more secure. How many people can notice a 20 ms
pause? If you want speed get a router with ACLS, that's what PIX is.
All these stateful inspection/packet filter technolgies work at too low
a level (layers 2-4) to provide enterprise security. For web servers,
mail servers etc. you need layer 7 checking.

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