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Date: 10/01/01

Subject: RE: BlackIce Sentry
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 14:27:52 -0400
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Hi Mike,

    I have implimented several BlackICE agent and sentry solutions in a
variety of customers. The ICPcap manager is great for handling only
BlackICE agents/sentries. I have seen Fortune 500 companies with these
systems for host/network based intrusion detection and I've seen 3
computer clients have these. Apparently, it does scale with-in reason,
but must be run on microsoft operating systems. Since ISS's purchase of
NetworkICE, I have a feeling they will be melting RealSecure and the
BlackICE line of products. ISS's starter package for 25 device licenses
of BlackICE Agent for Workstation and one ICEcap manager is $2500.00

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Does anyone have any experience with Blackice Sentry or the IceCap
Manager? I would very much appreciate some opinions from someone who
has used these products (good or bad). Also, any licensing /pricing
info would also be appreciate.

Mike Bell

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