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Date: 09/27/01

Subject: RE: qmail
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 10:18:09 -0700
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From: "Jason Casey" <>
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Here is a document I found while looking for information on this.. the
way our firewall was setup(outside company) it was made that it could be
as a relay.. I was rather upset coming in to work one morning.. I've
used qmail for a few years and even help an ISP with an install.. if you
need further help/questions please feel free to contact me off list..

Systems Administrator
Consystant Design Technologies, Inc.

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Hi people First excuse my english. I just installed qmail 1.03 with daemontools and ucspi-tcpd and all the stuff that you need for an medium tipe ISP .

Haw do i know If after all the setups my server alows relay/spam. I know the relay check doesn`t work with qmail, there is oather way of checking if the host alows relay/spam

Bogdan Baba