Re: InoculateIT PE still works?

From: Lim Ghee Lam (
Date: 09/27/01

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 09:51:20 +0800
From: Lim Ghee Lam <>
To: Wolf Knox Seandor La-Vey <>
Subject: Re: InoculateIT PE still works?

Wolf Knox Seandor La-Vey wrote:

> Hello everyone...
> I use InoculateIT PE and it has worked fine till now...
> but, as everybody should know, InoculateIT isn`t free anymore...
> and there are rumors that it just pretend to update the virus signatures....
> you do the download of the update file, run it and it says that the update
> has been done when, matter of fact, it leaves your computer just as it was
> before..
> is it true?
> if it is, someone as any suggestion of a good free antivirus?
> thanks,
> Wolf Knox (aka WK).
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I am still using InoculateIT and the updates are OK. It can detect the SirCam
just like others too. Seems to me still working fine.