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Date: 09/26/01

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Subject: RE: Hotmail policy
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:25:07 -0400
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  We have a security policy in place to block any web-based e-mail for the
folowing reasons:

1. 'To' and 'From' field often in HTML format, allowing the potential
execution of Javascript code just by going to the Inbox.

2. Web mail is often a means of moving confidential documentation from a
valid internal source to "other".

3. Web mail used to move documents from office to home for valid reasons
(continuing work at home), but that document can be tainted with a virus at
that home office, or someone sharing that ISP can sniff the contents of that
file if they are that malicious.


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Good morning all,

Question: Does anyone have a policy for the use of Hotmail or Yahoo? Ive
called many different organizations, but no one seems to have one. Im
interested in developing an internal policy for users.

Can anyone help!


CSIRT.WS (Computer Security Incident Response Team - World Site)

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