RE: outlook 2002 is a control freak

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Date: 09/26/01

From: "dletterman" <>
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Subject: RE: outlook 2002 is a control freak
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 14:30:44 -0400
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Check out MS KB article Q290497.

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Subject: outlook 2002 is a control freak

Hi folks,

I have a friend who is sending me attachments that are executable. Seems
M$ decided to make it their business which types of extensions I receive
(hmmmm Eudora looking good all of a sudden). This is what I got from m$
help " By default, Microsoft Outlook blocks attachment files ( such as
.bat, .exe, .vbs, and .js) that can contain viruses. You cannot see or
access the attachments. Your Inbox will display the paperclip icon in
the Attachment column to let you know that the message has an
attachment, and you will see a list of the blocked attachment files in
the InfoBar at the top of your message. If you try to open the
attachment by right-clicking the item, View Attachments will not appear
on the shortcut menu. If you need to use files, such as .exe files, from
others, have them post the files to a network share or to a Web share
that you can access."

Also " There are two levels of attachment security. Access to level 1
files is blocked and can't be changed."

Now lets say I need that file and I don't have access to the same
network or web share? Is there away around this? Maybe like
filename.exe.blah or would that corrupt the attachment when I rename it
back to .exe later?

The funniest part (for all your m$ bashers out there) is the file I was
trying to get was none other then M$ urlscan (something they should have
released with IIS, instead of all those buffer overflows... Oh wait this
M$.) Sorry for the M$ bashing but I find this nonsense. I enjoy
outlook but I don't enjoy people shoving there ideas down my throat.

Any thoughts?

Public or private welcome. Flames welcome but don't send them as
executable cause apparently I can't get them :)