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Date: 09/19/01

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Unfortunately for you, it is more easy to do so on a Linux/BSD/Solaris
platform than on a Windows 2K.

I had to do the same and what I suggest you is to install W2K and the last
SP (6.0a). Kill all uneeded services and run IIS (security scanner) on your
server. At the first scan it may give you about 4 pages of vulnerabilities
and then 1 by 1, try to fix them. This is definitively not easy as the MS
support is not that good and also because it is not that easy to find out
how to fix them. I personnaly worked with a friend which is MS MCSE and he
helped me a lot. Try to find a MS MCSE you know, pay him a few beers and he
may help you ;-)


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> De: Alex Pufhal []
> Date: lundi, 17. septembre 2001 23:57
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> Objet: Windows 2000 Questions
> Hello,
> I have a couple of questions that I hope are
> appropriate for this forum.
> My background is in Linux/FreeBSD security and I have
> NT administration experience but on built servers.
> I have a job offer on the table but, unfortunately,
> it's on a Windows 2000 Server based network. It's a
> small 10-node network. They were peer-to-peer but have
> now gone client/server.
> It would be my task to build the server and obviously
> secure it. Can someone point me at a HOWTO or websites
> which detail everything that needs to be secured and
> how to do so?
> It looks like I have a shot at this position but I
> really need to know the security risks I'm facing
> before I accept it.
> I would appreciate any direction to be pointed in.
> Fortunately, I can throw a Linux box in but, not as
> the main server.
> Alex
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