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Date: 09/14/01

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Subject: RE: WinNT event viewer --> syslogd
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:04:26 -0400
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There was a thread about this on Focus-MS and there was an article about
this on securityfocus. I am not sure if their backend database is back
up yet but I am sure when they come back up you will be able to find
both the thread and the article.



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Subject: WinNT event viewer --> syslogd

Hi guys,

I have a basic question regarding the WinNT 4.0 event viewer.
We have a couple of Linux systems here in our site which run the syslogd
and have their logs checked automatically and reported any odds per
email. I also have some WinNT 4.0 WS acting as backup/file servers
sitting in a corner pretty unattended. Now I want them to report their
event messages (like security vialotions ...) which go normally to the
event viewer to one of my syslogd's on a linux system to be checked
automatically as well. As far as I found out there is no feature in NT
to do that.
Is it possible to implement at all, has anybody experience with that?
Is there any additional SW necessary? (any source, freeware, comercial

I basically just want to avoid having to walk over to check them
manually which is most of the time very unfrequent.

Thanks in advance for your help,