Re: ThinkPad A20 bios question

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Date: 09/13/01

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Subject: Re: ThinkPad A20 bios question
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:15:45 +0200

as you suspect the thinkpad writes to the bios.
if you do not have access to the
machine i.e. not booting replace only the bios
if ibm doesn't want to supply find another
thinkpad, copy and replace

hope this helps


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Subject: ThinkPad A20 bios question

> I have run into a client who has set a supervisor (or is a supervisor I
> was a little confused by the description) password on the bios of a
> ThinkPad A20. We have contacted IBM and they say the only way to fix
> this issue is to replace the systemboard of the computer. Is this
> true???? That seems super-drastic. Anyone have any better ideas or
> programs that are made to specifically brute force bios (not sure if
> that is possible). The bios version is 1.09 (IWET55WW) I am not sure of
> the maker (award, phoenix, etc) because this is all 4th hand
> information.
> Anyway anyone with suggestions (not flames, I am not person who set the
> bios password and did not write it down) please feel free to respond
> publicly or privately.
> Regards,
> Leon