RE: making managment aware of reality( 25 mb of hd)

From: jox (
Date: 09/02/01

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Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 13:26:40 -0700
From: jox <>
Subject: RE: making managment aware of reality( 25 mb of hd)


A few months ago our network went down a few times in a 24 hour period. The
reason of that was that the administrator did put auditing on internet
access and then just forgot about it. Logfiles went bigger and bigger and
finally the server went down.
I know that filling up logfiles is an easy job on our site ( since the
admin is capable of activating auditing, selecting a maximum log size that
is bigger than the space left on the server and then just forget about it )
so a dos attack is quit easy.
A second example:
Users have a home directory on the server ( most of them where told and do
have access, buth from time to time i still find users who where never told
or dont have the appropriate right to access their home directorys). Half
of these directorys reside on the same partition of the system partition on
one of these servers. I wonder what happens if one of them actually starts
storing data on a system partition which has 25 mb of free space left.
I do consider this also a security problem (since it has its affects on uptime)



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> > serverhd have 25 mb of free space
>Out of curiosity, is this really such a bad thing? I can see how a
>full HD could make it more difficult to upload things to it, but one
>would assume that anyone who have priviledges to write there would
>also be able to delete things as well, no?
>That's not something that I've seen quoted as a security risk before
>and I'm curious about it.
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