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Date: 08/31/01

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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:27:28 -0400
From: "Nick Wilkens" <>
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Subject: Re: Bash script

I have a script that mails me when a host goes down and sends an email alert based on ping, and ran by cron. I am sure you can use some of it to do what you want. Hope it helps a little.



ping ${ping_host} 1024 -n 5|grep packet|awk -F, '{ print $3 }'|grep "100%" >/dev/null

        if [ "${status}" -eq "0" ] && [ -f /tmp/PINGER.${ping_host}.failed ]
                return 0

        elif [ "${status}" -eq "0" ]
                echo "WARNING: ${host_name} failed to respond to ping!" | mailx -s "Alert" user@hosname
                touch /tmp/PINGER.${ping_host}.failed

        elif [ "${status}" -ne "0" ] && [ -f /tmp/PINGER.${ping_host}.failed ]
                echo "NOTICE: ${host_name} is NOW responding to ping!" | mailx -s "Alert" user@hosname
                rm /tmp/PINGER.${ping_host}.failed

                return 0


pinger <hostname> <reference_name>

Nick Wilkens

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Hi ...

Long time reader, first time asker here!

Just wondering if someone could help with a "simple" script in $bash
i have to make.
I need a script that s pings a certain ip, reads the reply and ... if
there is any reply, it reschedules itself to ping the ip again in
lets say 60 secs.
Otherwise it starts a daemon, firewall, backup smb daemon, etc. .

My doubt is on how to get the script to read the ping awnser
(afirmative or not).

The main interest in this is that if the primary firewall fails (UPS
probs i m having and lack of $$ to other one ;) ) the backup one goes

Sorry for the lamme question and thanks in advance for your opinions
on how can i do it.


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