Re: Accessing mail from the web

From: Carlos Lopez (
Date: 08/31/01

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:08:08 -0500
From: Carlos Lopez <>
Subject: Re: Accessing mail from the web

Hello, I'm trying to implement a way to let my users
see their email trough the WWW, but I'm still wondering
what king of webmailer should I use, specially talking
about security, anyone of you could give me a hand to
make a choice???

The ones I have seen and that I have in my list are:

        - PHP-Webmail
        - BasiliX
        - BO WebMail
        - Emumail
        - IMHO
        - NOCC
        - NS WebMail
        - Null Webmail
        - SquirrelMail

Can you tell me which one would you choose and why??? and
the one I should stay away of???

Thanks a lot in advance

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