RE: Linux or Windows as Server-OS?

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Date: 08/30/01

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Subject: RE: Linux or Windows as Server-OS?
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 11:05:39 -0700
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Here is my $0.02...
Go out and get a copy of Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server.
(Server should do just fine...)
Once that is accomplished, install a firewall such as ZoneAlarm, or
get a copy of BlackICE. (For some security)
Get Virus Scanners on _ALL_ your computers. (Again for Safety and

With Windows 2000 can setup your own small Office. Use the Server as
a Gateway to everything.
Get 2 NIC's and install and configure NAT to do your Web surfing.
With the Clients all pointing to the Server, you have less of a
chance for intruders accessing any information on the clients.
Attach the Printer and share it out. (Your ready to print)

It will take about a day to get configured and ready for production.
But it is well worth it.

Good luck, and again this is my $0.02.


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Subject: Linux or Windows as Server-OS?

2 days ago, me and my father talked about his company (it's a small
with 5 employees) and he told me about his small network in the
There he's using this stuff:
1. A SCO Unix computer with a serial connection (COM1 or 2) to the
2. A Win 95b computer with the serial connection from 1. with an
and a modem for private and commercial usage.
3. A second win95b computer with an 10mbit ethernet connection to the
second computer.
(all computers are betwenn 133 and 233 MHz with every about 128 MB of
RAM) With my small knowledge I could persuade him to do something to
improve the
security, because surfing in the internet with important files on the
disk with an OS that has security holes like a cheese is not the best
choice. He said "Fine, you'll do it"...
Now I have to add a server, with each of the Win95 PCs connected, the
should move to the server for remote surfing, 3 printers should be
attached, but no important files have to be saved on this server.
It's only
for printing and security. The serial connnection between 1 and 2
The difficult part is, that the SCO Unix computer must be able to
print at
the server. What could I do? I have SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal, Debian
Win 95 or Win98SE. What is the best OS?
Thank you for reading this too long written bullshit ;)
See ya!

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