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Firewalling and virus detection are two different balls of wax. Virus
detection/eradication is detecting and getting rid of virii and worms while
firewalling is to protect your machine from an attacker attempting to gain
elevated privileges (IE remotely take control) of your machine. Although
they do overlap when some of the newer worms are involved, they are two
typically different beasts and should BOTH be used simultaneously.

Just running a virus scanning with the latest signatures will not detect or
stop an intruder into your machine.


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> Hi!
> I would like to know if there are added significant advantages of personal
> firewall when a user already has virus shield with the latest signature to
> detect trojans? If there are additional advantages on top of the virus
> shield, what are they?
> Thanks so much.
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> Check point is not free and it is software only, not hardware. You can
> purchase a Nokia box that is basically a plug and forget Checkpoint
> solution
> that comes with hardware+software and is actually a pretty nice little
> Checkpoint is a hell of a lot more than just a secure router.
> Phil
> > it's Check Point Firewall-1. I did send a correction
> > on the firewall
> > yesterday.You can visit for further
> > details. I don't think
> > it's free because it's not only software but also hardware.
> > Think of it as a secure router. But if you want to build one,
> > then you can with
> > a PC and two network cards with a hub(for connecting the
> > internal network).

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