Re: Second wave of the Code Red Worm

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Date: 08/03/01

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Subject: Re: Second wave of the Code Red Worm
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 10:31:28 -0600

After reasearching this worm, and the way it exploits the idq.dll, I have
decided that there is a way to stop it.

I am still facing the ethical battle of if it is right or wrong to use the
worm code against itself.

I am looking for some laws, feedback to guide me here.

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Subject: Second wave of the Code Red Worm

> Hello all,
> I believe there is a lot of system administrators or users that are doing
> poor job in preventing this second infestation of
> the worm. This is becoming a negligent act by these users and/or sys
> and should be heavily criticized for poor administration. In my book,
> are just as bad as the author of this worm and any malicious hacker
> (cracker). If they do not want to properly administer their box, then
> should stay off the Internet. The first time around, was barely
> ... not this time.
> If Microsoft is to blame, they need to get their act together or we band
> Microsoft and all go to *nix ... :-)
> My .02 ...
> Greg