Network library lcrzo 4.13

Date: 08/12/02

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 07:27:51 CEST
From: "" <>
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Version 4.13 of lcrzo is now available.

Lcrzo is a network library, for network administrators and network
Its objective is to easily create network programs.
This library provides network functionalities for Ethernet, IP, UDP,
TCP, ICMP, ARP and RARP protocols. It supports spoofing, sniffing,
client and server creation. Furthermore, lcrzo contains
high level functions dealing with data storage and handling.
Using all these functions, you can quickly create a network test
program. Lcrzo, which means "Laurent Constantin RéZO" (RéZO=network in
French), and can be pronounced " 'el' 'sea' 'reso'lv ", is available
under the GNU LGPL license. This library was successfully installed under
Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris.

The library lcrzo provides :
 - network functionalities :
    + address conversion
    + packet encoding/decoding/printing
    + spoofing
    + real/virtual UDP/TCP clients/servers
    + sniffing
    + device(network board) dealing
    + etc.
 - and general functionalities :
    + data conversion
    + chained list
    + IPC
    + etc.

This library contains several advanced functions, which might render
its integration difficult in a complex program. So, lcrzo is mainly
designed to create autonomous tools in console mode.

Over 400 examples of lcrzo are included in lcrzoex.

** download **
You can read more about lcrzo and download it at : [main server] [backup server] [backup server]

** changes **
Lcrzo 4.13 includes the following changes :
Version 4.13 - 13-aug-2002
 ++ bugs fixed ++
  - lcrzo_xxx_fprint_infos displayed twice the text before the
    information (thanks to vincent at hamon dot info for reporting
  - Under Windows, when unicode device name is greater than 64 bytes,
    configuration cannot be obtained (thanks to Christophe Morel for
    reporting it).

 ++ major evolutions ++
  - Creation of functions lcrzo_ptr_alloc, lcrzo_ptr_realloc and
  - Functions in lcrzo_list are faster.
  - Functions lcrzo_data_init_int (and similar) are now obsolete.
    They are replaced by lcrzo_data_init_int32/uint32/int16/etc.

 ++ minor evolutions ++
  - Function lcrzo_list_searchelem_range is obsolete. Use
    lcrzo_list_searchitem_range instead.
  - Format used in lcrzo_xintxx_fprint is now more strict :
      "%[0. +-]{0,1}[1-9]{0,2}d" (signed)
      "%[0. -]{0,1}[1-9]{0,2}[ouxX]" (unsigned)
    Before, user could use for example "%u" for a signed integer.

 ++ internal evolutions (not seen by end users) ++
  - Rewrite of lcrzo_list module, in order to improve speed. There
    are now two internal pointers storing previously accessed items.

Laurent Constantin       [main server]         [backup server]    [backup server]