Updated "flawfinder" version 1.01.

From: David Wheeler (dwheeler@ida.org)
Date: 07/02/02

Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 17:35:52 -0400
From: David Wheeler <dwheeler@ida.org>
To: secprog@securityfocus.com

I've now released flawfinder version 1.01.
Flawfinder is a static source code security scanner for C/C++
programs that looks for commonly-misused functions, ranks their
risk (using information such as the parameters passed), and reports
a list of potential vulnerabilities ranked by risk level. Flawfinder is
open source software/free software, and is covered by the GNU GPL.

Flawfinder 1.01 has a much larger database of commonly-misused
functions (its database now covers 122 C/C++ functions),
including several specific to Unix-like systems and several others
specific to Windows systems.

You can get a copy at <http://www.dwheeler.com/flawfinder>.
You'll need Python to run it.


--- David A. Wheeler