Re: CGI security on a shared web server (fwd)

From: Steffen Dettmer (
Date: 05/29/02

Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 11:04:30 +0200
From: Steffen Dettmer <>

* Lee E. Brotzman wrote on Sat, May 25, 2002 at 11:20 -0400:
> On Fri, 24 May 2002 18:38:42 BST, Glynn Clements said:
> > I don't know about other Unices, but Linux deliberately doesn't
> > support setuid scripts (a wise move, IMHO). Perl attempts to
> > re-introduce the problem via the setuid "suidperl" binary, but many
> > sysadmins will disable that (again, a wise move, IMHO).
> I write almost all my CGI in Perl and indeed the setuid Perl scripts are run by
> suidperl. This gives me the "taint" feature whereby I must untaint any user
> input -- a good feature, but certainly no cure-all.
> Note that if you use suEXEC to invoke a setuid Perl script, you
> will lose the tainted-data feature.

man perlrun

I don't see why someone would suEXEC setuid perl scripts. SuEXEC
already does setuid to the owner of that script - and I think it
may even refuse execution if setuid bits are set. At least SuExec
makes some tests, check docs.

> Another reason I don't like suEXEC. I'd prefer the script bombs
> if I try to use untested external data.

Maybe you're just using it wrong. SuExec forces that users can do
CGI scripting, but in their own "user space" with their usual
persmissions. And users are usually not allowed to set uid
somethink (at least on unix). But all of set uid is not the
purpose of SuExec. SuExec "simulates" the behavior if any user
had it's own Webserver with their uid running, but in fact you
need a wwwrun server only. This even works well for virtual
servers running on different users.



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