Re: resources for system level security?

For Linux, a good starting point is a hardening guide by NSA:

Although it covers RHEL specifically, many points apply to other
distributions too.

I'd then also look at checklist provided by SANS Institute:

Guide to General Server Security from NIST is also worth mentioning:

These are a good starting point, not an exhaustive material on the
subject matter.

There are some good books that cover this; search your library.


2011/12/6 최봉환 <zilly1@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all,
I started to work of focusing on linux system level security. Mostof the servers are providing web services.
Although I have been working on application pen testing, I havelittle experience to handle with security issues of system or OSitself.
Could you recommend where I should start for it?
(useful books, web sites, or concepts/terminology I have tounderstand)
Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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