Commercial Exploit Tools

Greetings all,

I work for a DoD organization as a penetration tester. We currently
use a combination of open source tools and eEye Retina for our tests,
however some excess cash in the budget has given us the opportunity to
grab ourselves a commercial exploitation tool. Given that our
distribution of choice is Backtrack 5 the most obvious choice was
Metasploit Pro. I checked out the most recent list of exploit tools on
seclists, but as the survey is hitting the five year mark I'd expect
things have changed. A quick Google at some alternatives gave me a
list of sponsored ads that I have zero trust in so I figured I'd probe
the community here.

My question is what commercial exploitation tools do you use and
what's your opinion on them. I don't need a huge, detailed explanation
of the tool, just an opinion and the name of the tool. Thanks in


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