RE: Validating if password is encoded or encrypted

Hey Karen,

It is possible for passwords to be encrypted (i.e. with AES) and then
encoded with Base64 before storing it in DB.

What do you get after decoding those Base64 strings? Binary data?

- Max

Hi Everyone, I'm currently reviewing an app prior to launching to our
prod. One of our security requirements is for the password to be
When i checked the password field in db, i noticed that all passwords
are ending with a double equal sign e.g "==".
I am under the impression that they are just base64 encoded rather
than encrypted. However, i tried decoding it using base64 but i'm not
getting a valid data.

Am i right in saying that the password is encoded? If yes with what
e.g. base64?
How can i prove or show them that this the password is just encoded
rather than encrypted?
Or is it encrypted?

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