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On 10/10/2010 09:43 PM, Kevin L. Shaw, CISSP, GCIH wrote:
I've heard of Metasploit and Nmap on Android; I don't remember if
rooting was required. There are a couple cool wifi discovery apps
for Android out there, I use them cursorily on C&A engagements.

I have used Wifi Analyzer (from the Android Store) a bit; it is okay but
a bit lacking if you are used to something like Kismet. There is also
an application called WiGLE WiFi in the Appstore which is supposed to be
a more featureful wireless auditing application; I have it installed but
have not yet tried it.

Having used BackTrack 4 on an Asus Netbook with 2 GB RAM; and not
being overly pleased with performance; I feel you need better

Installed or from a USB device? That made a difference on my EeePC 900.

resources than those a mobile may provide.

I am inclined to agree with you on this; mobile phones are not designed
to provide the kind of processing power that laptops and netbooks are.
Their power cells were also not really designed to provide lots of power
for long periods of time (say, when running CPU intensive applications).

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