Re: Smart-phone for pentester

Hi Gleb, the N900 is not really that old (end of 2009 from memory), and
is still quite a powerful device. The power kernel allows you to
overclock it, and the 32GB of internal storage does allow you to carry
quite a few apps around with you. The SDK environment from Nokia allows
you to theoretically cross-compile any app you choose to run on the
N900. I've successfully run a number of security testing apps on it,
including Nmap and Metasploit, and I know that Kismet and Aircrack both
function on it (at least to a reasonable degree), and you have the
ability to record GPS info obviously as well. I'd leave password
cracking software to more powerful servers, but it is possible to
install on the N900. I have one, and aside from the approx. 16 hours @
usage battery life, I'd definitely recommend one for the job. Thanks,

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