Re: University plan


I'm in my final year of high school and I'm planning to go to
university. As all people, I have trouble finding the right one ( or a
good one ). So I'm asking you people to recommend any nice
universities that teach good computer security, that is more practical
than theoretical. Please also tell me to which university you attended
and how was it? and any other general advice

I know everyone takes a different path in life, has their own
interests and own goals, but I've taken a lot of theory-heavy courses
and I'll tell you I've never regretted that. Note that I do a of
hands-on stuff day-to-day... I'm not just a career theoritician (sp?).

By building a solid foundation in theory, you can apply that knowledge
to many different practical situations throughout your career and
life. If you simply learn practical things in technology, those tend
to be sort of flavor-of-the-week and will eventually lose utility.
While it's definitely tempting to learn just want you need to in order
to get into the work force, I would encourage you to rethink that
strategy, because you may find yourself going back to school after a
few years working...

Now in relation to your question, first can you provide more info?
Where do you live approximately, and how far are you willing to travel
to find a good school?


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