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On 9/8/2010 7:18 PM, Ulisses Castro wrote:
Pete, why did you insist saying that is "Open Source"?

Because it is. For one, OSSTMM 2.2 is there, free and available around the world. I can Google for it and it's there and always has been. Anybody can take it and read it and use it and distribute it.

Where I think you get confused is with OSSTMM 3. So I'll make this a bit clearer for you- as far as the world is concerned, the "written manual" OSSTMM 3 does not exist yet. It is merely a book still being written. Much like partially written, nonworking code on the desktop of a programmer's bench, until that code is provided to the world, no license nor stipulation is necessary. Sure some of the people the programmer knows and discusses coding stuff with might see it and help but it's not done enough yet to do anything with. It's merely a concept.

Now where I think you really get even more confused is that we make the ideas of the OSSTMM 3 available to some. Yes it's an idea that we share openly among those who choose to help us build this object. We even choose to share our ideas with those who don't work on it but they need to then pay to come see it.

Once OSSTMM 3 is released, it will carry the CC attribution-noderivs license. So it will be free to use, read, and distribute same as OSSTMM 2.2. The no-derivs because it's applied as a standard and there shouldn't be multiple versions of the same standard. That would just be confusing.

One other point of note- the OSSTMM contains no Source Code. So the "source" which is open, is the methodology, the algorithms, and the work process-- all of which have already been released for some time and constantly updated to reflect changes in the OSSTMM 3's development. Go ahead and look. It's there. Check and Also check and which explain the OSSTMM 3 research as applied to other useful areas. Also check our news page as well and get presentations which explain the methods step by step as well. Maybe you knew of this though and that's what you refer to that as the "marketing shit". We put it out there for feedback. Some of the feedback we got on Mastering Trust (how to apply the new trust metrics) into the written OSSTMM 3 manual and we added those people as contributors. For me that's open source. I published a piece of source (a method) and we got feedback to improve it. The method got updated. How is that different from publishing unfinished, unworking source code for feedback and comments?

I'm sorry but I can't give you a written manual because it's NOT Done yet. So if you're saying it's really still not open source as you know it the would you prefer we release nothing and say nothing until the written manual for each version is completely done?


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