Re: Professional Scrpt Kiddies vs Real Talent

Translation: "0ur cR3w 1$ l33t HaX0rz - 3v3ry0n3 3l$3 r l4m3rz +
Sk1dd13s! gR33tz to dIn0 D@I z0V - k3vIn fInI$73RRe -l@nD0N FuLL3R -
r0b3r7 gR@H@m - j3r3miah Gr055m@n - l@rry HigH5MI7h - 8IlLy h0FfM@n
-mikk0 Hyppon3n - d@n K@miN5KY - p@uL k0CH3R - N@7e L@w$0N - D@viD
LI7cHfi3Ld - Ch@Rl3$ mILl3R - J3FF M055 - J0se n@z@ri0 - J0@nN@
RU7k0W$k@ U 6Uy$ R r0xoR$!!!"

I guess the white hats are not so different from the black hats after all...

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