Re: Offensive Security OSCP Course


I'd like to thank you all for the tips. In fact i'm a infrastructure professional but specialized in security, with two Masters in it, but i always feel i'm just starting in the area. I'm trying to study harder focused security and it's market certification. What i really liked in the PWB course was it's hands on approch, differente from other certifications like CEH, CISSP, and so on.
I intend to begin PWD in January.

Thank you all.

Felipe Martins wrote:
Does anyone now or attended classes of the Offensive Security Penetration Tests with Backtrack Course, eligible for the OSCP Certification ? What do you think of the course ? Is the tests easy for experienced professionals ?
I've seen at their site and the prices are really good, except for the CTP Course (eligible for OSCE Certification). I'd like to hear from you all what do you think of that certification and course, mainly from those who attended that.
If it's really good i intend to attend classes online for the PWT 2.0 Course.

Thanks in advance.

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