Re: Penetration Testing Literature


I don't know your age and back skills.
But I would recommend to start from the beginning (you'll not loose your
So I would recommend to read some Bruce Schneier and William Stallings
books if not already done, to fortify your background.

Enjoy & Happy Hacking!


Le jeudi 08 octobre 2009 à 11:01 +0200, Sebastian Schlag a écrit :
i'm a student of Applied Computer Science and currently preparing for a
student research project on "Systematic Penetration Testing".
Right now i'm searching for literature.

Currently i plan to read the following books:

- Marc Ruef - Die Kunst des Penetration Testing
- Thomas Wilhelm - Professional Penetration Testing: Creating and
Operating a Formal Hacking Lab
- Peter B. Kraft - Network Hacking: Professionelle Angriffs- und
- Chris Hurley - Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit, Second Edition

What do you think? What books would you recommend to read?

Best Regards

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