Re: Format of SAM File

Looking for a reference that describes the format of the windows SAM
file. From what I can tell, the first column is the username and third
column is the password hash, but I want to know what information is
contained in the other columns. Google searches on "format windows SAM
file", "understand windows SAM file", and other related searches have
proved frustrating. I should mention that the SAM file was obtained
using pwdump6 in case that is relevant. The format I am seeing is as

Username:number:password hash:another hash?:blank:blank:blank

Any help is much appreciated.

The windows SAM file is a registry hive file. The format you're
seeing above is some export by pwdump6 that is just some made up
format representing a subset of what's in the registry.

The Windows registry hive format is described here:

Also, some of Brendan Dolan-Gavitt's tools and blog
( posts may be helpful in figuring out
what's what in SAM hives.


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