Re: Default Admin Account

I don't much like the Insurance Industry analogy, since I consider them to be unethical at best.

But to use the analogy you have suggested, Gary broke the law and should be penalised but I bet he's glad Obama is closing Guantanamo. As for the insurance company not paying out due to negligence of the owner, the staff responsible should (have been) sacked and banned from ever gaining any Government clearance.


J.Hart, Elec.Eng.Tech. wrote:
That's exactly what I am trying to figure out - who is at fault and
who should take ownership. If it were a car and I left the keys in it
and it was stolen, if the perpetrator was caught her would be charged,
but my insurance company would not cover me cause I left the car in an
unsecure state. So both take ownership - is it the same as in this

On 2/4/09, Scott C. Kennedy <sck@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Why does it matter if there were "default administration account on the US
Military machines", it doesn't change the alleged fact that he accessed
computers & networks without permission.

One's reason for breaking the law doesn't matter whether he was "motivated
by curiosity about evidence of UFOs" or not.

If you broke into people's luggage at the airport, using the default
luggage combination set from the factory because you were motivated by
curiosity about evidence of Bigfoot. Would that make it any less of a


On Mon, February 2, 2009 8:48 am, J.Hart, Elec.Eng.Tech. wrote:
Hey all,

I have been following the Gary McKinnon case for years now.
My interest is in the legal area of penetration testing and the
evolution of cyber law.
What do IT Security experts and pen-testers think about the default
administration account on the US Military machines? You can read about
the case here

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